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Speaking Events


Painless Parenting: Communicating the Harms of Spanking with Confidence and Addressing Cultural Issues

Co-presented with Dr. Stacey Patton

Southern University New Orleans School of Social Work, New Orleans, LA


No Hit Zones: Creating Safe Spaces to Address the Most Prevalent Risk for Child Abuse

National Children’s Alliance 2019 Leadership Conference, Washington, DC


Painless Parenting Interactive Workshop and No Hit Zone Overview

35th International Symposium on Child Abuse, Huntsville, AL


Time to Talk: Teens, Sex, and the Law: Addressing Consent, Sexting and More

Ignite 2018 Darkness to Light National Prevention Conference, Memphis, TN


Newest Ace on the Block: Adverse Childhood Experiences from Research to Practice

Pediatric Grand Rounds for Medical Center of Mississippi, Jackson, MS


Reducing Disclosure Failures in NICHD-based Forensic Interview Protocols

25th Annual APSAC Colloquium, New Orleans, LA


Painless Parenting Plenary Workshop: Communicating the Harms of Spanking with Confidence 

 The Ray E. Helfer Society Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN


Keynote: ACEs(Adverse Childhood Experiences): Everything the Multi-disciplinary Team Needs To Know

Wynona’s House Child Advocacy Center 3rd Annual Conference on Child Maltreatment, Montclair, NJ


 Lessons Learned: Succeeding with Trauma Informed Response 

Louisiana District Attorney’s Sex Offenders Conference, Baton Rouge, LA


ABC’s of No Hit Zones: Why Organizations Need No Hit Zones, Building Blocks & Longevity Tips

21st International Summit & Training on Violence, Abuse, & Trauma, San Diego, CA


Painless Parenting – Advising Parents to Stop Using Corporal Punishment

The APSAC Advanced Training Institute, Portland, ME


Annual Social Policy Forum with Lonnie Berger and Stacie LeBlanc: Poverty, Child Maltreatment, and Implications for Child Welfare Policy & Services

Society for Social Work and Research 21st Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA

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