The UP Institute
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We provide upstream interventions and strategies for reducing adverse childhood experiences and promoting resilience so children can have positive, supportive, and healthy relationships. With the combined experience of diverse national experts, The UP Institute delivers innovative solutions to help professionals develop and enhance programs that will improve their communities.




Our Programs

UP FOR CHAMPIONS, in partnership with THE UP INSTITUTE, supports the professionals working to solve child abuse and neglect globally, through advocacy, public education, and family support programs. It is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that aims to create safe and healthy communities for children and their families. UP FOR CHAMPIONS works with community, state, and national organizations to expand and disseminate knowledge about child abuse and neglect.

UP 4 Witnesses – Helping Champions Succeed in Court

This is a multidisciplinary training program focused on the practical aspects of preparing and presenting in court, as well as strategies for navigating the judicial process in child abuse cases.

UP 4 Advocates – NCA Approved Victim Advocacy Curriculum

Victim advocates provide services and resources to ensure a consistent, coordinated, and comprehensive network of support for children and families in crisis.

Training that covers the responsibility of mandatory reporters to report child sexual and physical abuse.

UP 4 Parents – Empowering Champions to Make Parenting Painless

Alternative, more effective parenting strategies.

UP 4 Teens – Teens, Sex, and the Law

The Teens, Sex, and the Law program helps teens make educated and informed decisions.

Changing social norms about corporal punishment to promote safe caring environments and aid in effective parenting.

Contact Us

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The UP Institute – UP 4 CHAMPIONS

Main Office

11815 Fountain Way, Suite 300
Newport News, Virginia  23606


Satellite Office

4432 Magazine Street, Unit A
New Orleans, Louisiana 70115