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In partnership with The Up Institute supporting the professionals working to solve child abuse and neglect globally, through advocacy, public education, and family support programs. A non-profit organization that aims to create safe and healthy communities for children and their families. Up for CHAMPIONS works with community, state, and national organizations to expand and disseminate knowledge about child abuse and neglect. CHAMPIONS – Children’s Heroes Addressing Maltreatment & Prevention with Innovative Optimal New Solutions.

APRIL 2022

Stacie in The Advocate, a Division 37 Newsletter of the American Psychological Association



The Up For Champions Victim Advocacy Training curricula has been approved by National Children’s Alliance under the 2023 Standards for Accreditation as meeting the requirements for foundational training for Victim Advocates.


UP For Champions raises awareness about the most prevalent risk factor for child abuse, physical discipline. UP executives designed No Hit Zone materials for public use because research demonstrates it is a promising practice for changing attitudes about parent-to-child hitting. For additional information and resources visit our No Hit Zone initiative and download an NHZ Toolkit.