Services - The UP Institute
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We provide upstream interventions and strategies for reducing adverse childhood experiences and promoting resilience so children and families can have positive, supportive, and healthy relationships.

Coaching, Consulting, and Customized Training

Provide individualized coaching, consulting, and customized trainings for schools, advocacy centers, mental health agencies, family justice centers, social services, nonprofits, and other youth serving organizations including agencies serving individuals with disabilities. Services comprise of reviewing and developing policies and procedures for program development and evaluation; assisting with accreditation application and compliance; developing capacity to ensure forensic medical capacity; implementing High Reliability Organization (HRO) practices; coordinating No Hit Zone implementation; navigating the systemic issues around mandatory reports; and implementing trauma-informed school practices. Also assisting organizations in improving cultural practices to meet the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) needs of clients including the importance of conducting developmentally, culturally sensitive interviews, and recognizing how barriers created by cultural differences can interfere with the ability to gain important information, and often lead to misunderstandings and misinformed decision-making.


Internships are offered on a limited basis to provide students beneficial training opportunities to complement the intern’s formal education and prevention projects. Internships are unpaid, tied to the intern’s formal education program, accommodate the intern’s academic commitments, and designed to accentuate the intern’s academic interests.

Expert Witnessing

Provide expert review, consultation, and testimony in child and family welfare cases involving child maltreatment, parenting capacity, interpersonal violence, and related matters.

Media Resources

The Check Out book series offers a creative child friendly explanation to children and families experiencing trauma. The lead author of the series can be contracted for authoring, designing, or consulting in the development of children’s books so the delivery of forensic and systemic services are trauma-informed.

Train the Trainer

Many of the UP trainings are available as a train the trainer’s model to enhance capacity and community-based delivery. Teens, Sex, and the Law, Painless Parenting, and No Hit Zone have all been successfully scaled using this model. Trainers are contractually required to maintain fidelity of the training model and are proved ample practice opportunities and ongoing support to ensure competence and confidence.